JML Mastering


As a mastering engineer & audio editor with over 25 years’ experience in the recording industry, I can deliver the best results from your mixes, adding punch, polish and that professional touch, as well as meeting all your editing requirements, from radio edits through to album compilation & sequencing.

Having spent 10 years as a mastering engineer & editor at the world-famous Metropolis Studios, I now operate flexible hours from my studio in South West London as a freelance mastering engineer.

I offer my mastering and editing services to a pool of regular clients, in order to devote my undivided attention to each and every project as they emerge, and to deliver the finished product promptly and well within their deadlines.

If this more personal approach sounds appealing to you, I would be very happy to discuss mutually-agreeable rates for your upcoming projects.

Julian Lowe

Julian Lowe - Photo