JML Mastering


"Julian is a true craftsman in his mastering. He delivers a level of attention and perfection to his work that is above any our label or team has worked with, which is why we exclusively work with him. Alongside his mastery, Julian is ethical, honest, and someone I personally enjoy interacting with on each and every project. It is rare to come across a professional of such degree whose character matches their artistry and compiles you to engage again and again. Julian never fails to go above and beyond, no matter the project or circumstance. I cannot recommend anyone with more sincerity and fervor."  (USA, Mar 2019)

Sean Wing
President, Caption Records

"Julian did an amazing job and exceeded our expectations! He is very professional and its very easy to interact with him. Will definitely work with him again in the future." (Canada, Mar 2019)

Charles (Medz)
Producer, Musician

"Can't say enough good things about Julian and his mastering work. He was nothing but conscientious during the process. Definitely intending to collaborate with him again soon!" (Indonesia, Mar 2019)

Singer-songwriter, Musician

"Amazing work! Took my song to the next level!" (USA, Mar 2019)

Aaron Stephens
Singer-songwriter, Musician

"Julian was patient with the times I had to make revisions. Despite the long time it took to get it right, he worked with me until it was right. Very pleased working with Julian, I would recommend him to anyone!" (USA, Feb 2019)

Evan Encore
Producer, Musician

"Julian is a very caring person. I enjoyed how fast he communicated and also the job that he did. Thumbs UP Julian." (Lithuania, Jan 2019)


"Julian was a pleasure to work with and delivered excellent results quickly, and without any requirement for a revision. He also provided all the necessary files and extra besides to accommodate any future needs (such as a 48k version for video). Highly recommended if you are looking for top quality mastering for your tracks!" (UK, Jan 2019)

Mark Rose
Songwriter, Arranger

"Julian is a great specialist to work with. He's very responsive and responsible. He gives more than you ask aiming for the best quality possible, which shows him as a real professional."  (Poland, Dec 2018)

Pavel (Vocs Studio, Warsaw)
Mixing Engineer

"Julian is a master at his work no pun intended. He breathed life into my track and within a few revisions he had the track sounding enhanced and exciting. Thank you Julian."  (USA, Nov 2018)

George Vardaros (Jet Luv)
Singer, Songwriter, Band Member

"Julian did a great job mastering 3 of our tracks and made sure we were 100% happy with the result. Thank you Julian!"  (The Netherlands, Nov 2018)

Famke Rauch (Aardvark)
Singer, Musician, Band Member

"Really happy I chose Julian to master my album. He is a pleasure to work with, being a prompt communicator and going the extra mile to make sure every track is tailored to your sound and style. I was really impressed with how polished and crystal clear the tracks sounded on every sound system. Julian is now my go-to mastering engineer and I look forward to sending him my next project!" (USA, Nov 2018)

Katya Grasso
Singer-songwriter, Musician

"Julian was a pleasure to work with and very patient with my many revision requests. If you are extremely picky or have lots of audio engineering experience, he will work with you towards the best possible end result. Our final revision sounded professional, clean and energized! Thanks Julian!" (USA, Oct 2018)

Maddie Jay
Singer, Bassist, Composer

"Julian was very professional with quick and effective communication. He did a great job on the material that I provided him and gave me a great product on the first try. I would definitely recommend him!" (USA, Oct 2018)

Ricqi Elles
Singer, Songwriter, Producer

"Julian is a hard worker master engineer that will adapt to your needs whatever they are. I absolutely recommend him." (UK, Oct 2018)

Filippo (Elapse)
Producer, Musician 

"Julian was great, understood exactly what I wanted from the track and delivered a prompt professional final master." (UK, Oct 2018)

Mark (Stolen Gold)
Producer, Musician

"Julian was a very prompt communicator and despite my tight turnaround time he was able to complete all the tracks I originally asked for (and one more I added later on!) within that timeline. Really loved his work. Would hire him again for sure." (USA, Oct 2018)

Oliver (Swisher)

"Julian is the only one who will be mastering my mixes from now on! You can really feel that he puts a lot of effort in to his work. The sound and the attention to details is outstanding!" (Denmark, Sep 2018)

Gina Michaells

"What a great master-man to work with! The first version was so powerful already! Julian is easy to work with and has good ears haha! He was willing to go the extra mile to make my song #proudtobeme sound perfect. Thank you so much Julian!" (The Netherlands, August 2018)

Joyce Rising
Singer, Songwriter, Producer

"Good communication, great masters, and well organized. Julian was more than accommodating through out our time working with him and he gave us one of the better experiences we've had working with a mastering engineer. I would feel very confident in recommending him for future mastering projects. He does great work!" (USA, July 2018)

Nick Cafiero (Akes)
Singer, Musician

"Julian has mastered 4 songs for me over the last couple of months and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. 
Give him your mastering job! I can without hesitation say, you won't regret it! Sounds like a record after he is done!" (Germany, July 2018)

Michael Appel (invisibleMonkeys)
Songwriter, Producer, Mix Engineer

"I worked with Julian to master my 10-track album, and he went above and beyond! The tracks sound phenomenal and he really took it to the next level. I'm so happy with the finished product. He put in his utmost dedication and effort into the project and it really shows. Julian is my go to mastering engineer!" (Australia, July 2018)

Jeffrey Chan
Singer-songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

"Julian is very professional, a great communicator and excellent at what he does. I'll definitely be working with him again in the near future." (USA, June 2018)

Aaron Stephens
Singer-songwriter, Musician

"Don't think twice and give Julian your Mastering Job! He did a Stereo Mastering after I did some tweaks to the mix that he suggested and I'm blown away by the end result. Very professional. Good communication. Thanks, Julian!" (Germany, March 2018)

Michael Appel (invisibleMonkeys)
Songwriter, Producer, Mix Engineer

"Very professional work . Julian gave my song life and did it quickly. His experience is very evident in the manner and quality he handled my job. Thank you so much." (Australia, Jan 2018)

Andrew White

"Julian is an amazing guy with a lot of patient! You should definitely let this guy master your track, no doubt!" (Sweden, Dec 2017)

Simon Andersson

"Excellent job with Julian. Really attentive to the needs of the artist!" (Belgium, Dec 2017)


"Julian was absolutely fantastic to work with. He is professional, friendly and the results couldn't have been better. He added dimension and fullness in all of my tracks and in certain spots, noticeably enhanced flaws I'd overlooked in the mix. His changes were always tasteful and subtle, always intending to preserve the integrity of my work and to simply enhance my vision. I'd love to work with him again on a future release." (USA, Nov 2017)

Farahd Wallizada (No Name Hotel)
Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

"Julian was an absolute joy and super pro. Passionate, seasoned, punctual and his credits are insane. I've worked with mastering engineers before who just throw the work over the fence without any soul. Julian is the opposite of that. He cares about the character of the music and the target market. I will be using him again for sure." (USA, Nov 2017)

Rebecca Rosoff (Dig Exotic)
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Musician

"Working with Julian on the masters of my new album "the acoustic sessions" was a great experience! Julian has the perfect feeling for the sound we wanted to create, he comes up with great inputs and he is always 100% professional and reliable!" (Austria, Nov 2017)

Zoë Straub (ZOË)

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Julian (JML Mastering)! He is super professional, ensures that the client is happy, his service level is impeccable and he answered all my questions thereby settling and relieving my concerns. And on top of all that - his work is absolute quality!" (South Africa, Nov 2017)

Carl Simons

"Julian really enhanced my track and made it sound radio ready! I will definitely be getting him to do all my future tracks." (Australia, Oct 2017)

Jeffrey Chan
Singer-songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

"He is really awesome!! He can work on perfect timing, tracks sound with punch and clarity, of course we will be happy to work with him again!"  (Mexico, Oct 2017)

Fernando Mendoza (Ecole Cuá)

 "Julian did a great job, gave the needed punch to the mix, made it sound brighter, more driving and less foggy. Perfect dynamics, the cues have the space to "breathe". Very kind in contact, listens carefully to the client's needs, super professional. I will be happy to work with him again!" (Poland, Oct 2017)

Piotr Swistak
Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

"Julian was very pleasant to work with. He responded to every question very fast. Very knowledgeable and just great to work with! He has a great ear for sound, and made my song sound HUGE!! I will definitely work with him again. Thank you so much!!!" (USA, Oct 2017)

Nambo (Vinyl Soul)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your masters - your dedication to your craft is very much appreciated by me, and the fact that you evaluated our mixes and critiqued it when needed, was very professional." (Singapore, Oct 2017)

Ling Kai

"Julian is great on nailing on what we wanted. He is someone whom I will work again in future projects as he can deliver what he stated. And understood what we really want!" (Singapore, Sep 2017)

Dean Augustine (Cross Ratio Entertainment)
Artist Manager, Music Promoter

"Julian has been just amazing and definitely the best person for our album. He put the quality of the album to a level we never could imagine before and even came up with additional ideas when we already agreed to a final version. Julian, thank you for your patience and for this amazing work! It has been a pleasure working with you..." (Germany, Aug 2017)

Reinfried "Ron" Bartholomäus (Les trois sans façon)
Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

"Julian's sonic instincts are on the mark. We gave him a track for mastering with no real direction or instructions to see what he would do with it. We have accepted his first press with no revisions or tweaks requested - simply because what he has done is absolutely pro!" (UK, Aug 2017)

Boanecker (CoffeePot Drive)

"Julian has been a class act from start to finish. His mastering work alone deserves the full 5 stars (big, punchy, bright and deep), but throughout the entire process he has been professional, friendly, super-responsive and receptive. There's a reason why his credits include some serious big names, and his results are exceptionally good." (UK, July 2017)

Ceri Davies (Henshin X)
Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

"Me and my band highly recommend Julian as a precise, super pro mastering engineer. Working with him was a breeze, the communication was fast and fun. The product we have received is a solid pro-sounding recording. Every step of his work was very structured and detailed. It was a great honour to work with him! Thank you, Julian. Keep rockin!" (Russia, July 2017)

Kirill Isachenko (Limebridge)

"Julian proved to be the ultimate professional; enthusiastic and courteous, he identified several problems with our mix and persevered until fixed, giving us the highest 'quality master' possible. We couldn't help thanking Julian repeatedly and will definitely ask him to master our next song." (Ecuador, June 2017)

J B Molina

"Julian mastered my EP & I'm so happy with the result! He really brought together all of the elements so nicely. He was attentive to detail, and gave me the rich sound I was looking for. He responded very quickly, (even w/ different time zones), which made the process run so smooth. He really went the extra mile making sure the mix sounded perfect." (USA, June 2017)


"It is very pleasant to work with Julian. He truly cares and strives towards the desired solution." (South Africa, May 2017)

Johan de Villiers (Janson D)
Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

"Top guy, super friendly, fast turnaround, great communicator and, most of all, made my mix go next level with an awesome master. Overall, a very pleasant surprise and an excellent experience. Highly recommended!" (Faroe Islands, May 2017)

Hergeir Staksberg (Steso)
Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

"Julian definitely cares about producing a quality product. His suggestions and recommendations of what needed to be done in order to produce a superior end product were invaluable. He made me aware of things I was not paying attention to prior. If you are truly looking to have an amazing sounding track, Julian will help you get there." (Canada, Apr 2017)

Producer, Engineer

"Working with Julian was a real lucky find. As a fairly new comer to music production, I was apprehensive about getting my first track mastered. Julian helped me in every way possible to achieve what I wanted. The result is a really well mastered track that I am really proud of." (UK, Mar 2017)

Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

"Julian went above and beyond to ensure I got the best product possible. His master fit the vibe I was going for and I recommend working with him." (USA, Feb 2017)

Wilson Harwood

"I’ve worked with Julian on several tracks now and I have nothing but good things to comment. He offered great flexibility and initiative from the very start. He is willing to provide lots of versions and work until we’re both happy with the end result. And usually the whole process only takes a few days! High quality content, fast workflow, and lots of flexibility. In sum, a good bang for your buck!" (Netherlands, Feb 2017)

Tim Alkemade (Dread Pitt)
Producer, DJ

"Julian is awesome to work with and will work on your tracks until you are 100% satisfied. He really gives your track that pro sound without losing your own mixdown or idea. Plus, he works really fast. Worth every penny!" (Netherlands, Feb 2017)

Rob Jager (ReauBeau)
Producer, DJ

"I've been working with Julian for three years and he's my go-to mastering engineer now. In addition to being warm and attentive to my work, he delivers masters that are extremely well crafted and does not hesitate to send several versions of these until we find the perfect result. He takes my productions to a next level: clear, wide, and punchy.” (UK, Feb 2017)

Maxime Raguideau-Obadia (Indigo Face)
Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

“Got the chance to work with Julian a few months ago. A pleasure to work with and great results.” (Australia, Jan 2017)

Andy Lawson (Debaser Studio)
Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

“I have used Julian’s services several times. The standard of service he provides is first rate, and the speed and flexibility he offers is second to none. I cannot recommend him enough.” (UK, Nov 2016)

David Winterburn (DWPR)
Artist Manager, Radio Promoter

“I had the pleasure of Julian mastering my recent EP. Julian added the final magic to the tracks and brought out an amazing low-end. I can recommend him to anyone looking for a dynamic, natural and vivid sound.” (Germany, Nov 2016)

Matthias Roos (Maddes)
Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

“Julian delivers superb mastering results showing great skill, expertise and dedication to the task in hand and a deep feel for the music in question. Julian gets that 'expensive' polished, finished sound without any traces of harshness or obvious compression. He is warm, genuine, trustworthy and great to be around. Highly recommended.” (UK, Oct 2016)

Andy Guthrie
Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician

“Julian has recently mastered 2 albums and various singles for me. I can say without a doubt that he is one of the best mastering engineers I have worked with. In fact, he is always among my top 5. His understanding of a song's musical direction and his fabulous treatment of the low end makes Julian a go-for immediate choice on most projects.” (Italy / Austria, Oct 2016)

Filippo Gaetani
Producer, Engineer, Composer, Musician